Accuracy 2012 Conference


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Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

10-13th July 2012
Florianópolis, SC, Brazil

Edited by: Carlos Vieira, Vania Bogorny and Artur Ribeiro Aquino



All the papers are online now.

Welcome to download.

Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences

10-13th July 2012
Florianópolis, SC, Brazil

Edited by: Carlos Vieira, Vania Bogorny and Artur Ribeiro Aquino



Local Organizing Committee
Carlos Antonio Oliveira Vieira (UFSC, BR) chair
Francisco Henrique de Oliveira (UDESC, BR)
Mariane Dal Santo (UDESC, BR)
Rodrigo Lilla Manzione (UNESP, BR)
Vania Bogorny (UFSC, BR)
Jose Alberto Quintanilha (USP, BR)
Gerard Heuvelink (Wageningen University, NL)
Antonio Henrique da F. Klein (UFSC, BR)
Mariane Dal Santo (UDESC, BR)

International Steering Committee
Linda Lilburne (Landcare Research, NZ)
Ron McRoberts (U.S. Forest Service, US)
Kim Lowell (University of Melbourne, AU)
Daniel Griffith (University of Texas Dallas, US)
Jingxiong Zhang (Wuhan University, CN)
Nicolas Tate (University of Leicester, UK)

Program Committee
Ali Bennasr (University of Sfax , Tunisia)
Aluir P. Dal Poz (São Paulo State University, BR)
Amilcar Soares (Technical University of Lisbon, PT)
Amilton Amorim (São Paulo State University, BR)
Andréa de Seixas (Federal University of Pernambuco, BR)
Antonio M. G. Tommaselli (São Paulo State University, BR)
Artur Caldas Brandão (Federal University of Bahia, BR)
Carlos Loch (Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR)
Cidália Costa Fonte (University of Coimbra / INESC Coimbra, PT)
Cira Souza Pitombo (Federal University of Bahia, BR)
Curtis Woodcock (Boston University, USA)
Daniel Griffith (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
Francisco J. Ariza López (Universidad de Jaén, ES)
Gerard Heuvelink (Wageningen University, NL)
Giles Foody (University of Nottingham, UK)
Graham Clarke (University of Leeds, UK)
Guanhua Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHN)
Gutemberg França (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, BR)
Heriberto Gómez (University of Los Andes, Venezuela)
Irineu da Silva (São Carlos School of Engineering – USP, BR)
Ivana Ivánová (University of Twente/ITC, NL)
Jarbas Bonetti Filho (Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR)
Jasmee Jaafar (Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia)
Jennifer Mary McKinley (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
Jinfeng Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHN)
Jingxiong Zhang (Wuhan University, CHN)
Jose Alberto Quintanilha (Polythenic School–University of Sao Paulo, BR)
Juliana Fosse Moulin (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, BR)
Jurgën Wilhelm Philips (Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR)
Kim Lowell (University of Melbourne/CRC-SI, AU)
Leonardo Castro de Oliveira (Military Institute of Engineering, BR)
Linda Lilburne (Landcare Research, NZ)
Luciene Stamato Delazari (Federal University of Paraná, BR)
Lucy Bastin (Aston University, UK)
Luisa Maria da Silva Gonçalves (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, PT)
Mahmoud R. Delavar (University of Tehran, IR)
Manfred M. Fischer (Vienna University of Economics and Business, AUT)
Maria Cecilia B. Brandalize (Federal University of Paraná, BR)
Mário Caetano (Portuguese Geographic Institute, PT)
Mauricio Galo (São Paulo State University, BR)
Michael Goodchild (University of California, USA)
Nicholas J. Tate (Leicester University, UK)
Nilton Nobuhiro Imai (São Paulo State University, BR)
Paul Aplin (University of Nottingham, UK)
Paulo R. L. Menezes (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, BR)
Pavlos Kanaroglou (McMaster University, Canada)
Peter Atkinson (University of Southampton, UK)
Peter Fisher (University of Leicester, UK)
Ramanathan Sugumaran (University of Northern Iowa, USA)
Ricardo Seixas Brites (University of Brasília, BR)
Rodrigo Lilla Manzione (UNESP – São Paulo State University, BR)
Ronald McRoberts (USDA Forest Service, USA)
Russell G. Congalton (University of New Hampshire, USA)
Rosemy da Silva Nascimento (Federal University of Santa Catarina, BR)
Stewart Fotheringham (National University of Ireland, Ireland)
Tania Landes (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées – INSA, FR)
Taskin KAVZOGLU (Gebze Institute of Technology, Turkey)
Therese Steenberghen (K. U. Leuven, Belgium)
Vicente Paulo Soares (Federal University of Viçosa, BR)
Vitor Haertel (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, BR)
Yee Leung (Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK, CHN)
Yukio Sadahiro (University of Tokyo, Japan)


Table of Content

On the quality of eigenvector spatial filtering based parameter estimates for the normal probability model: implications about uncertainty and specification error for georeferenced data
Yongwan Chun and Daniel A. Griffith

Areal Sample Units for Accuracy Evaluation of Singledate and Multi-temporal Image Classifications
Kim Lowell, Alex Held , Tony Milne, Anthea Mitchell, Ian Tapley, Peter Caccetta, Eric Lehmann, Zheng-shu Zhou

Uncertainties assessment in orbital or airborne sensors absolute calibration
Cibele Teixeira Pinto, Flávio Jorge Ponzoni, Giovanni Araújo, Boggione, Leila Maria Garcia Fonseca, RuyMorgado de Castro

In-lab radiometric instruments calibration and uncertainties assessment
Cibele Teixeira Pinto, Flávio Jorge Ponzonni, Ruy Morgado de Castro

A reference surface uniformity and isotropy evaluation for orbital or airborne sensors absolute calibration
Cibele Teixeira Pinto, Flávio Jorge Ponzonni, Ruy Morgado de Castro

A new way of calculating the sub-pixel confusion matrix: a comparative evaluation using an artificial dataset
Stien Heremans and Jos Van Orshoven

Uncertainty analysis of a spatiotemporal model for submerged vegetation colonization
Ligia Flávia Antunes Batista, Nilton Nobuhiro Imai, Luiz Henrique da Silva Rotta, Fernanda Sayuri Yoshino Watanabe, Edivaldo Domingues Velini

Error characterization of burned area products
M. Padilla, I. Alonso-Canas, E. Chuvieco

The use of spatial-temporal analysis for noise reduction in MODIS NDVI time series data 
Julio Cesar de Oliveira, José Carlos Neves Epiphanio, Camilo Daleles Rennó

Snakes-based approach for extraction of building roof contours from digital aerial images
Aluir P. Dal Poz and Antonio J. Fazan

Conversion of Digital Numbers of the HSS Sensor TIR Images into Radiance: Uncertainty Evaluation
Leidiane L. Andrade, Ruy M. Castro, Lênio S. Galvão

Living with Collinearity in Local Regression Models
Chris Brunsdon, Martin Charlton, Paul Harris

Land cover and land use in Brazil and the Environmental-Economic Accounts System
Rodrigo de Campos Macedo, Maurício Zacharias Moreira, Eloisa Domingues, Ângela Maria Resende Couto Gama, Fábio Eduardo de Giusti Sanson, Felipe Wolk Teixeira, Fernando Peres Dias, Fernando Yutaka Yamaguchi, Luiz Roberto de Campos Jacintho

Influence of human uncertainty in the elaboration of fuzzy reference databases for the accuracy assessment of land cover maps
Pedro Sarmento, Cidália C. Fonte, Joel Dinis, Mário Caetano

Estimating uncertainty in deriving spatial distribution of blue ling landings from vessel monitoring system (VMS) data and implications for delineating marine protection boundaries to the northwest of the British Isles
P. Posen, P. Large and J. Lee

Reliability of watershed area estimation using Digital Elevation Models
Fabiano Costa de Almeida, Márlon Crislei da Silva, Camilo Daleles Rennó, Márcio Bomfim Pereira Pinto, Agustin Justo Trigo and Marcis Gualberto Mendonça Júnior

Kriging and cokriging for spatial interpolation of rainfall in Espirito Santo State, Brazil
Alexson de Mello Cunha, Gerson Rodrigues dos Santos, Eliana de Souza, Filipe Silveira Trindade, Elpídio Inácio Fernandes Filho, João Luiz Lani, Michelle Milanez França

Accuracy of forest stand volume estimation by Landsat TM imagery with different geometric and atmospheric correction methods
Elias Fernando Berra, Denise Cybis Fontana, Rudiney Soares Pereira

On the use of synthetic images for change detection accuracy assessment
Hélio Radke Bittencourt, Daniel Capella Zanotta, Thiago Bazzan

Using of local indicators of spatial association for evaluation of spatial accuracy of DEM
Jana Svobodova, JakubMirijovsky, Ales Vavra, Jan Brus, Helena Kilianova

Geospatial Data Quality Indicators
Victoria Lush, Lucy Bastin, Jo Lumsden

The effects of training set size for performance of support vector machines and decision trees
Taskin Kavzoglu, Ismail Colkesen

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Segmentation Methods on Classification Performance
Merve Yildiz, Taskin Kavzoglu, Ismail Colkesen, Emrehan K. Sahin

Study of the positional quality obtained by the method Precise Point Positioning, PPP, for use in georeferencing of rural properties
Michel Balin de Brum , Adriane Brill Thum

Assessment of geodetic coordinates processed using different baselines
Elmo Leonardo Xavier Tanajura, Rodrigo Mikosz Gonçalvez, Admilson da Penha Pacheco, Cláudia Pereira Krueger

On the interpolation algorithm ranking
Carlos López-Vázquez

Land Cover Change Analysis from Remote Sensing Images and Statistical data: Case Study Itaipú region, Border Paraguay/Brazil
Mauro Alixandrini and Hans-Peter Bähr

Spatial variability of the common bean Pratylenchus brachyurus
R. Noetzold, M.C. Alves, D. Cassetari-Neto, A.P. Pires

Assessment of SVM classification process for landslides identification
Luiz Augusto Manfré, Eduardo Jun Shinohara , Janaína Bezerra Silva, Raquel Nogueira Del Pintor Siqueira and José Alberto Quintanilha

Positional accuracy of Curitiba’s digital orthophoto map
Hamilton Carlos Vendrame Junior, Maria Cecilia Bonato Brandalize

Improving the relationship between reference frames by using the Thin-Plate Spline modeling
João Paulo Magna Júnior, Paulo de Oliveira Camargo, Maurício Galo

Comparison between Google Earth kml data and RTK data on a flight planning simulated to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Microdrone MD4-1000 
Antoninho João Pegoraro, Marcelo Costa Napoleão, Jürgen Wilhelm Philips

The Positional and Thematic Accuracy for Analysis of Multi-Temporal Satellite Images on Mangrove Areas
Paulo Rodrigo Zanin and Carlos Antonio O. Vieira

Comparison of two summer crop mapping methods in the state of Paraná in 2008
Daniel Garbellini Duft; Jerry Adriani Johann; Jansle Vieira Rocha; Rubens Augusto Camargo Lamparelli

Exploring the potential role of volunteer citizen sensors in land cover map accuracy assessment
Giles M. Foody and Doreen S. Boyd

Spatial data quality of herbarium datasets and implications for decision-making on biodiversity conservation in Brazil
Barros, F.S., Fernandes, R.A., Moraes, M.A., Pougy, N.M. , Caram, J.S. , Dalcin, E.C., Martinelli, G

Exploring Effectiveness of Uncertainty Visualization Methods by Eye-Tracking 
Jan Brus, Stanislav Popelka, Alzbeta Brychtova, and Jana Svobodova

Geographically weighted methods for examining the spatial variation in land cover accuracy
Alexis Comber, Peter Fisher, Chris Brunsdon, Abdulhakim Khmag

Larger geologic complexity implies larger uncertainty
Alessandro Samuel-Rosa, Ricardo Simão Diniz Dalmolin and Pablo Miguel

10-C Approach for Quality Assesment and Accuracy of Geospatial Information in Indonesia
Dr.-Ing Fahmi Amhar Vectorial analysis modeling to determine spatial uncertainty among different data production scales due to error propagation

Cárdenas A., Treviño E.J., Aguirre O.A., Jiménez J., González M.A., Antonio X., Sánchez G

Evaluation of hydrological consistency of DEMs derived from SRTM and ASTER2 in three levels of interpolation
Guilherme de Castro Oliveira, Maola Monique Faria, Elpídio Inácio Fernandes Filho

Expert elicitation for the variogram
Phuong N. Truong, Gerard B. M. Heuvelink, John Paul Gosling

Change Detection Analysis in Multitemporal Satellite Image Series
José Guilherme Fronza and Carlos Antônio Oliveira Vieira

Comparison between accuracy measures of images classified by Maximum likelihood and Artificial Neural Networks

Kamilla A. Oliveira, Antonio Nuno S. Rosa, Reginaldo S. Pereira, Paulo C. Emiliano, Gloria S. Almeida, Fabiano Emmert

Effect of control points distribution on the orthorectification accuracy of an Ikonos II image through rational polynomial functions

Marcela do Valle Machado, Mauro Homem Antunes, Paula Debiasi

Geostatistical assessment of the spatial variability of soil texture in the coffee plantation

Marcelly da Silva Sampaio, Marcelo de Carvalho Alves, Fábio Moreira da Silva, Edson Ampélio Pozza, Marcelo Silva de Oliveira, Luciana Sanches Canasat

Project accuracy assessment of sugarcane thematic maps
Marcio Pupin Mello, Marcos Adami, Bernardo F.T.Rudorff, Daniel Alves Aguiar

Visibility analysis and DEM uncertainty propagation
María Victoria Alvarez

Random field modelling of DEM uncertainty and its impact on terrain referenced navigation
Guy Ruckebusch

Using Spatial Uncertainties to Create Probability Maps for Continuous Attributes
Carlos Alberto Felgueiras, Eduardo Celso Gerbi Camargo, Jussara de Oliveira Ortiz, Sérgio Rosim

Site-specific Prediction of Mosquito Abundance using Spatio-Temporal Geostatistics
E.-H. Yoo, D. Chen and C. Russell

A Wanted Traffic
Jorge Xavier da Silva and Tiago Badre Marino

Estimation of DEM Uncertainty Using Clustering Analysis  
Laercio M. Namikawa

Generated by a Stereo pair of Images Ikonos
Sinara Fernandes Parreira, Mariane Alves Dal Santo, Pedro Henrique Machado Porath

Accounting for spatial and temporal uncertainties in spatio-temporal disaggregation of emission predictions using ATP simulation
Ulrich Leopold, Gerarad B.M. Hevelink, Daniel S. Zachary

Detection and Reduction of the Collinearity Effect for Improving Spectral Unmixing Accuracy
Xiuping Jia, Xiaofeng Li, Freek D. Van der Meer

Space-Time Universal Kriging of Precipitation in The Euphrates Basin, Turkey
P.A. Bostan, S.Z. Akyurek, G.B.M. Heuvelink

Network Accuracy: the impact of the 3D distances on location-allocation
Emeka Chukwusa, Alexis Comber and Chris Brunsdon  

Assessing yearly transition probability matrix for land use / land cover dynamics
Jean-François Mas, Ernesto Veja  

Changing the TIGER's stripes: detecting road network change under positional uncertainty 
Ashton Shortridge and Miaoying Shi  

Uncertainty in User-contributed Weather Data
Simon Bell, Dan Cornford, Lucy Bastin, and Mike Molyneux   

DEMHC generation from IBGE topographic maps using ArcGis software
Gabriela Vieira Capobiango, Demetrius David da Silva, Hugo Alexandre Soares Guedes, Barbara Batista Porto

Inaccuracies on morphometric characterization of watersheds on GIS ambient
Vitor Souza Martins; Demetrius David Da Silva; Hugo Alexandre Soares Guedes; Bárbara Batista Porto

An optimal control method for high accuracy surface modeling and its application to DTM construction
Tian-Xiang Yue, Dun-Jiang Song and Zheng-Ping Du

Some expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm simplifications for spatial data
Daniel A. Griffith  

Communicating uncertainty about groundwater scenarios using stochastic simulation of water table depths time series
Rodrigo Lilla Manzione, Edson Wendland

A Note on the Uncertainty Analysis of Space-Time Prisms based on the Moment-Design Method
Yee Leung, Zi Zhao and Jiang-Hong Ma