Accuracy 2004 Conference

The Joint Proceedings of the Accuracy and Environmentrics 2004 conferences

Preface and table of contents


Brillinger, David R., University of California, USA "Wildfire chances and probabilistic assessment"

Calder, Catherine, Ohio State University, USA "Efficient posterior inference and prediction of space-time processes using dynamic process convolutions"

Fasso, Alessandro, University of Bergamo, Italy "Data quality and uncertainty in fine particulate monitoring"

Goovaerts, Pierre, Biomedware, Inc., USA "Modeling uncertainty about pollutant concentration and human exposure using geostatistics and a space-time information system: application to arsenic in groundwater of southeast Michigan"

Lowell, Kim, University of Laval, Canada "Estimating boundary existence and width from a single forest map"

Myers, Donald, University of Arizona, USA "Estimating and modeling space-time variograms"

Quintanilha, J.A., Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil "Wildfire threat count analysis by longitudinal models"

Scott, Marian, University of Glasgow, Scotland "Spatial scale and its effects on comparisons of airborne and ground-based gamma-ray spectrometry for mapping environmental radioactivity"


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